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Wanted New Cards: Thanksgiving Relation Specific.

September 17, 2020

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Wanted Cards – Thanksgiving Relation Specific
The following relationship specific subcategories could use some new cards for Thanksgiving.
Aunt & Boyfriend
Aunt & Fiance
Aunt & Fiancee
Aunt & Girlfriend
Aunt & Wife / Both my Aunts
Brother & Boyfriend
Brother & Fiance
Brother & Girlfriend
Brother in Law to be / Future Brother in Law
Cousin & Boyfriend
Father in Law to be / Future Father in Law
Grandnephew / Great Nephew & Family
Grandnephew / Great Nephew & Wife
Grandniece / Great Niece & Family
Grandniece / Great Niece & Husband
Nephew & Fiancee
Nephew & Husband
Niece & Wife
Sister & Boyfriend
Sister & Girlfriend
Son & Husband / Son in Law
Son in Law to be / Future Son in Law
Uncle & Boyfriend
Uncle & Fiance
Uncle & Fiancee
Uncle & Girlfriend
Unce & Husband / Both my Uncles

Note: for like image series, please be sure to add a Note to Reviewer like “this card is based on prior approved card pid#XXXXX”.

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