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Nuts and Bolts: New Earnings Thresholds Effective 1/1/21

October 16, 2020
Nuts & Bolts – New Earnings Thresholds Effective 1/1/21
Introduced 7 years ago, the quarterly thresholds for artists’ earnings were announced in July of 2013.
 1Q = $150     2Q = $150     3Q = $150     4Q = $300  
Artists who meet or exceed the quarterly threshold earn Premium Earnings (double).  Artists with more than one storefront can combine store earnings to reach the thresholds. 
Note: Stock Card Creations earnings are not eligible toward meeting the thresholds. 
Effective 1/1/21, GCU will be increasing the quarterly threshold amounts.   
The new thresholds are as follows and will first be reflected in 1Q 2021 earnings:
1Q – $250      2Q – $250      3Q – $250      4Q – $500
Please let us know if you have any questions.

The difference is made in the details!
GCU Community Manager
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