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Nuts and Bolts: Stock Card Creation, Image Offline Edit

October 23, 2020


Nuts & Bolts – Stock Card Creation, Image Offline Edit

Here is a little background on stock images no longer available. GCU used to Decline Stock Card Creation cards that used stock images that were no longer available. Since changes back in April 2019 we now can Return for Edits these cards vs decline them.

When this happens you will receive an email from the review team w/ this note:

GCU has taken this card offline as the stock image it is based upon is no longer being offered by as part of their Partner Program.  Please consider looking for a similar image offered and updating this card.  Thank you for your understanding.

In Manage Cards, please Edit this card using Change Image to choose a new image. After, please be sure to update the meta-data if needed (card title, keywords, Artist’s Notes), inside verse as well as append Notes to Reviewer if appropriate. Lastly, be sure to Resubmit for our re-review. Thank you!


This is a big time saver by not having to start the submission from scratch. The stock IMAGE will still need to be re-created but elements like meta-data, inside verse, etc. can be edited vs recreated. Plus any sales history and search indexing will be preserved as you are keeping the same pid# vs creating a new card.

Oftentimes we have found that the artist finds an even better image the second time around!

Please see other tips and examples here on finding a new image for a Stock Card Creation card that is Return for Edits because the image is no longer available.  Finding new stock image Tips

The difference is made in the details!

GCU Community Manager

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