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Nuts and Bolts: Holiday Custom Request Design Change

November 13, 2020


Nuts and Bolts: Holiday Custom Request Design Change
Holiday card sales are in full swing! For the next month, we expect to see growing numbers of shoppers coming to find their perfect holiday card. Since August we’ve been seeing a lot of custom card requests coming in. Many great new custom cards being created resulting in larger sales, happy shoppers, and happy artists! Unfortunately some of the requests are going unanswered by the artist. These are potential sales that you are missing out on.
Here is a wonderful example by GCU artist Teri Nelson Kuster of Che Bella Nota:
From the shopper:  
Could you possibly change grandchild for grandchildren? Lovely card  
Original Card:

Resulting Card: 

See this related piece on Leveraging Designs and specifically the link to Image Use Guidelines on the Forum re: Term Variations specifically.

Big holiday kudos to Teri for delighting her shopper and helping them get the perfect holiday card ordered early!

Tip: Remember when submitting a new card that is a variation on a previously approved card to make a note in the Notes to Reviewers the pid# that it is based on.  “Based on approved card PID #12345”.  And remember custom requested cards can be set for FastTrack review.  Just leave the reviewer a little note for that too like “for a shopper’s request #14667 ”.

The difference is made in the details!

GCU Community Manager

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