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Nuts and Bolts: December Design Challenge – 2020 Founders’ Choice Awards

December 7, 2020

Nuts & Bolts – December Design Challenge – 2020 Founders’ Choice Awards

As we begin to wrap up another year (thank goodness), GCU looks forward to an exciting finish – December’s Design Challenge.
Yes, it’s that time again, it’s the Best of 2020 – Founders’ Choice Awards!  
This end of year challenge will consider ALL cards created in 2020 – not just from prior design challenge submissions. There will be ooodles of cards recognized! This means all artists and all 2020 card submissions are candidates.  Stay tuned in January for the “best of” 2020 winners.
Winners will receive the same recognition rewards as in prior design challenges, PLUS winners will receive prestigious and coveted Best of 2020 digital awards for their online promotion and bragging rights.

See prior Founders’ Choice Awards Winners.  

The end of a year can be filled with mixed emotions, especially 2020. Take some time to reflect on all of your hard and creative work over the past year.  It’s a perfect time to get a little nostalgic, be proud of your perseverance, and pat yourself on the back.  

We look forward to doing the same!  


The difference is made in the details!

GCU Community Manager

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  1. December 13, 2020 7:20 am

    Sounds Great Mindy, wishing you and everyone here a very safe and better new year!

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