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Wanted New Cards: Birthday Pandemic Pen Pal

March 4, 2021

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Wanted Cards – Birthday Pandemic Pen Pal
So much innovation and creativity has blossomed from the pandemic, social distancing, and sheltering in place.  In addition to the rise in snail mail to keep in touch, there has been a rise in pen pals – pandemic pen pals to be specific.  A wonderful way for individuals to connect and support one another during the coronavirus pandemic when feelings of isolation and deviation from the norm are high.
These cards should go here:
Birthday >> For Pen Pal >> For Pandemic Pen Pal
All COVID-19 specific cards should also go in the catchall category:
Since Stock Card Creation cards are automatically assigned a category, their categories should be as follows:
We’d like you to create at least one card for this category using your own graphic designs or using the Stock Card Creations function.

To expedite the review of these cards, please check Fast Track Review on the card image details page when you create your card and add a Note for Reviewers like “for BLOG– Wanted Cards”.

Be inventive and creative!




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