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Wanted New Cards: Retirement Pilot

March 11, 2021

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Wanted Cards – Retirement Pilot
Some industries with a dip or cessation of service are seeing employees on the bubble of retirement doing so now or being offered early retirement during the pandemic. One being airline pilots.  For some, there may be mixed emotions so please consider a variety of sentiments.
These cards should go here:
Consider making gender specific designs for male and female and be sure to fortify your metadata accordingly so searching shoppers can quickly find exactly what they are looking for.
We’d like you to create at least one card for this category using your own graphic designs or using the Stock Card Creations function.

To expedite the review of these cards, please check Fast Track Review on the card image details page when you create your card and add a Note for Reviewers like “for BLOG– Wanted Cards”.

Be inventive and creative!

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