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Nuts and Bolts: 1Q2021 Earnings & 4/1 Included

April 16, 2021
Nuts & Bolts – 1Q2021 Earnings & 4/1 Included

It’s pay day!  The 1st quarter payments for 2021 are being processed reflecting commissions earned from 1/01/21 – 4/1/21*.  Part of this process is reconciling those stores who have met the quarterly threshold.  The checks are scheduled to be in the mail or PayPal payments made by Friday, 4/30/21. 

NOTE, the curve balls keep on coming!  No fooling, April 1st got us and snuck into the payment for the 1st quarter.  2Q earnings will start with 4/2/21 vs 4/1/21.

If the sales from this single day (4/1/21) make you fall short of the new 2Q threshold please contact us and we will make the adjustment accordingly.


REMINDER, the new thresholds start with 2Q21,  see here.     

Sorry for the inconvenience on reporting and let us know if you have any questions.

Congrats on your well earned and deserved payments!



GCU Community Manager

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