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Nuts and Bolts: Image Updates for Older Year Specific Photo Cards

May 7, 2021



Nuts & Bolts – Image Updates for Older Year Specific Photo Cards

With year specific cards, especially Christmas, CNY, New Year’s, and Graduation, GCU asks artists to update card images for the new year. We have recently done so for the 2021 graduation season.

Attention for year specific PHOTO cards that you have edited the image. Many are NOT showing the new image in the review tool or on the site.  

As a remedy, please try one or both of the following:

1. file type mismatch – make sure the updated image is the same file type that was uploaded for the original image (png vs jpg)  

2. Try removing the stock photo used as the placeholder photo and re add it to the design

Please give these solutions a try!

NOTE, a little bit of good news is that despite the old image appearing on the site, when a shopper purchases the card the NEW image is in fact being used for printing.

Here the issue was addressed on the forum:

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!


GCU Community Manager

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