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Nuts and Bolts: Dedicate Yourself to the Details – Flow & Connection

June 11, 2021



Nuts & Bolts – Dedicate Yourself to the Details – Flow & Connection

It is often the little details that escape the artist’s eye. It is always a good idea to step away from a design that you have been meticulously working on or ask a brutally honest companion to give it a once over. The review team is certainly a fresh set of eyes and often catches tiny fixes or areas of improvement. GCU is grateful for artists who are open to collaborating with the reviewers on minor adjustments that make a big difference.

See this example by GCU artist, Ness Nordberg, with an improvement in design that impacts the cover text as well as a connection to the design in the inside verse both leading to a professionally composed design that flows naturally.

Reviewers request for edits:Hi, super cute! A few notes before we give the green light for this as a like image series:
1. please add to your meta-data the variation of spelling “mus·tache”
2. not required but please consider adding a comma after Birthday OR move the order of the mustache graphic after birthday and before Husband
3. We love the verse – this works! However we’re left thinking why the typewriter? If you can work that into your verse too it would really pull this together. Something about type, key, old fashioned.

Thanks! We look forward to your resubmission.



and added to the inside verse:You’re one of a ‘type’!

Well done, Ness, and thank you for working so well with the review team.  Excellent teamwork!

It may take a little more time upfront to perfect a new design but this will save you time in the long run when creating a like image collection and derivative designs so the follow on designs all shine, pass review, and are highly marketable. See important Pre-approval for Card Series process and tips.

Look at all these stache variations!

The difference is made in the detail.


GCU Community Manager

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  1. Trudy Wilkerson permalink
    June 11, 2021 7:31 pm

    Hi Corrie, great article . . . and sooooooooo true. A second pair of eyes
    makes all the difference in the world. I’m thankful for my reviewers, they have a great eye for perfection
    and always spot on right! Best regards, Trudy Wilkerson

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