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Trendy Tuesday: Shrooms!

September 14, 2021

trendy tuesday

Let’s switch it up a bit and talk about the latest trends instead of colors. Mushrooms are hot in the world of design and fashion. Let’s take a closer look and maybe there is some inspiration there for you to incorporate into your card designs.

FireShot Capture 7146 - TREND FLASH - MAGIC MUSHROOMS - Patternbank -

Trend Flash gives you the low-down from Foraged fungi from botanical clusters and illustrative toadstools to psychedelic technicolour fungus. Check out their Magic Mushrooms print and pattern trends for 2021/22.

FireShot Capture 7145 - TREND FLASH - MAGIC MUSHROOMS - Patternbank -

ELLE Decor talks about latest mushroom trends in home decor from whimsical toadstool prints to platinum fungus-inspired lamps. The ‘spore’ the merrier!

FireShot Capture 7147 - Mushrooms Are Design’s Hottest Trend - Mushroom Trend -

VOGUE is tripping over Fungi taking over Fashion.

FireShot Capture 7148 - You Aren’t Tripping_ Mushrooms and Fungi Are Taking Over Fashion - V_ -

Etsy is a marvellous source for your Mushroom needs. Check it out!

FireShot Capture 7149 - Crochet patterns Mushroom plush Mushroom crochet plush - Etsy -

Vecteezy offers you a plethera of, often free, Mushroom Pattern Vector Art.

FireShot Capture 7150 - Mushroom Pattern Vector Art, Icons, and Graphics for Free Download_ -

And Pinterest will always be a wealth of inspiration (mushrooms included), so don’t forget to go there.


I hope I gave you some helpful hints for your next autumn designs.

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