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Trendy Tuesday: Kintsugi

October 12, 2021


trendy tuesday

For Spring/Summer 2022 we see an inspiration for fragile ceramic patterns brought back to life in the art of Kintsugi. The mix of different patterns fused together in a new and exciting style.

What is Kintsugi? Find out more about the japanese art of Kintsugi and the philosophy behind it.

FireShot Capture 7193 - TREND FLASH - Kintsugi - Patternbank -


FireShot Capture 7194 - TREND FLASH - Kintsugi - Patternbank -

Urban use for Katsugi.


Some Kintsugi design for print sets on The Hungry Jpeg.

FireShot Capture 7198 - kintsugi on all Category - -


FireShot Capture 7195 - TREND FLASH - Kintsugi - Patternbank -

Etsy has a lot of Kintsugi inspiration on offer.

FireShot Capture 7199 - Kintsugi Meaning print Kinsukuroi Definition Poster - Etsy -



FireShot Capture 7196 - TREND FLASH - Kintsugi - Patternbank -

FireShot Capture 7197 - TREND FLASH - Kintsugi - Patternbank -

I hope this will leave you with plenty of helpful ideas for your next designs.

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