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Nuts and Bolts: Holiday Photo Card Orientation

December 10, 2021
Nuts & Bolts – Holiday Photo Card Orientation
We have discussed card orientation before.  Offering the same card in both orientations (landscape and portrait), especially for a photo front card and holiday cards, is something to keep in mind to increase your chances for a sale.
Emphasizing here for holiday cards and shoppers’ photos:
Sometimes shoppers are looking for a card in a particular orientation.  This rings very true for holiday cards and especially photo cards. A shopper usually starts with the photo they want to use and then looks for the card design that fits. GCU also knows that some shoppers look for cards by orientation when they have a chosen photo they want to upload to the INSIDE of the card as well.  So in both of these cases the orientation of their photo dictates the card they will choose.  
Here are some great examples by GCU artist Mindy Piece offering a design in both orientations:
FireShot Capture 7396 - Nuts & Bolts - Holiday Photo Card Orientation - -_ -

FireShot Capture 7397 - Nuts & Bolts - Holiday Photo Card Orientation - -_ -

Great job, Mindy, offering choices to holiday shoppers!
See prior posts here regarding card orientation:
TIP: if you are offering the same design in both orientations, be sure to include in your Artist’s Notes a note to shoppers so they are aware of their choices.  Like “This design is also offered in landscape orientation, please search for product id XXXXX”.

The difference is made in the details!

GCU Community Manager

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