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Nuts and Bolts: Update Chinese New Year YEAR of the TIGER

July 21, 2022
Nuts & Bolts – Update Chinese New Year YEAR of the TIGER

We say farewell to many things as the year proceeds and for Chinese New Year we say farewell to 2022’s Year of the Tiger for 12 more years until 2034.
Please update your 2022 Year of the Tiger cards to 2034.  After 11/20/22, GCU will take any outdated cards offline.
Be sure to review the Chinese New Year specific rules on Change or New Submission.
Not only should images be updated but also card titles, keywords and artist notes.  This even applies to custom front designs to make them more marketable and avoid shopper errors.
Hop it it!  Create new cards for 2023’s year of the Rabbit or Hare

The difference is made in the details!



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