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Nuts & Bolts: Best of 2021 Feature Page

September 23, 2022
Nuts & Bolts – Best of 2021 Feature Page

Way back in January, GCU proudly announced the Best of 2021 Founders’ Choice Award winners!  See all the winners here on their very own landing page which is linked from GCU’s homepage.

This is GCU’s annual “Best of” awards as part of the monthly Design Challenge series.  Be sure to check each month’s challenge as it may be a perfect opportunity for you to submit a design that’s been on your mind, or something totally new, getting you outside of your comfort zone or overcoming an artist’s block.

Design Challenges are run each month and announced on both the GCU community blog and GCU Design Challenge forum board.  There is plenty of time to enter September’s challenge, see details here.

Tip: for a design challenge, and any new card for that matter, take a look at what is currently offered in the category and do a little brainstorming to offer something DIFFERENT not just more of the same. This will help your card stand out from the crowd and offer shoppers more choices, and ultimately sales!

The difference is made in the details!



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