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Nuts & Bolts: Menorah Usage

January 27, 2023

Nuts & Bolts – Menorah Usage

Covering so many different occasions, cultures, hobbies, etc., here at GCU we honestly learn something every day.  Perhaps this is new and helpful for you too.

The menorah remains one of the most widely used symbols in Judaism. There are actually two different representations which are not interchangeable in their usage. 

Menorah – 7 branches



Hanukkah Menorah (Chanukiah) – 9 branches, reserved for the Hanukkah holiday

Here is a helpful article Menorah vs Chanukia
In a nutshell, every Chanukiah is a Menorah, but not every Menorah is a Chanukiah.
So as always suggested, if you’re designing cards for an occasion, culture, event you are not familiar with, spend a little time doing your due diligence to make sure your design is appropriate, relevant, and most importantly not offensive or incorrect. 

The difference is made in the details!



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