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Nuts & Bolts: Card Series Review Process Reminder

April 7, 2023

Nuts & Bolts – Card Series Review Process Reminder

As a reminder, when you are submitting a new design that you intend to as a series (a near identical image with minor changes only like age or relationship), please be sure to follow the Concept Series Review Process.
Here is a helpful blog post on the Concept Series Review Process.
If you didn’t intend or think of creating a series at the time you submitted the first card, then follow this process with your next card (ONE) submission and mention in the Notes to Reviewer the pid# of the first card in the series.
A little note like this: “Sorry I didn’t think of using this design for a series but now I’d like it to be considered for a relationship series. The first card submitted is pid#123456”
In a nutshell:
When creating a new design that will be a like image series, please use the Concept Series pre-approval process and wait for the first design to be approved before CREATING the balance of the collection. This ensures there are no errors that will result in multiple returns for edits. Cards submitted for series review also undergo additional considerations for marketability, competitiveness and appropriateness to the proposed categories.

Please submit ONE series concept card into FAST TRACK with a request to review for a series in the Notes to Reviewers. Please include your intended use, for example; a relationship series, an age series, intended to use for various occasions, etc, as this will assist us in evaluating the series.
In cases where one small detail will change, eg, age or relationship cards, please submit an age or relationship version for your series request so we can evaluate text placement, etc.

Here is an example of a series; near identical image with variations for relationship and grade level.  Cards by GCU artist Teri Francis of Squirrel Hugger.


The difference is made in the details!



GCU Community Manager


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