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Artist Resources


Here is an organized list of handy articles we’ve run on the GCU Community blog. The list will be periodically updated and is current as of November 30, 2014.

We recommend artists new to GCU go through the list, while established artists should check in now and then for a refresher and to see if there’s anything new they’ve missed.


The Art of Self-Critique

Back of Card Credits

Bigstock Declines – How to Avoid

Bigstock Guidelines

Card Declines – What, Why & What to Do

Cards On Hold – What, Why & How to Deal

Card Submission 101

Card Submission Pitfalls – Top 10

Card Titles


Categories – How to Change Them

Categories – How to Choose Them

Colors – GCU Color Matching Chart

Credit Where Credit is Due

Customer Requests

Designer’s Checklist

Designer’s Schedule

Earnings & Payments FAQ

Fast Track New Card Series – Why and How

Fast Track vs. Waive Review

Front of Previously Approved Card – How to Change Image

Front of Card Text

Greeting Card Design Do’s and Don’ts

GCU Links for Off-Site Use

Holiday Cards – When to Make Them

HTML How-To for Storefronts

Image Inside Card – How to Add for Customer

International Artist’s Withholding Tax & ITIN/EIN Information


Note to Reviewer

Organizing Your Resources & Files

PayPal Payment Method

Product Descriptions – How to Write Them

Second Store – FAQ and Answers

Star Submitter

Storefront Banner

Typography Terms

Uniqueness – Artist’s Notes & SEO

Sort by Notes Uniqueness

Verse – How to Write Text That Gets Noticed

Verse – Inside Text: General Tips

Verse – Writing Rhyming Verse

Wanted: New Cards (Adding to Your Store the Easy Way)



Card Declines – What, Why & What to Do

Cards On Hold – What, When, Why & How to Deal

Card Review at GCU

Note to Reviewer

Reviewer Do’s and Don’ts


General advice by fellow artists. If you have serious questions regarding copyrighted material, please consult a legal expert.

Beginner’s Guide to Photography in Public Spaces

Credit Where Credit is Due

Fair Use & Copyright

Finding Image Source on Google

Plagiarism – Don’t Be a Copycat

Photos of Teddy Bears

Public Domain Images

Public Domain Quotes

Stamps & Currency Depictions

Sources & Credit

Terms of Use – Understanding What They Mean

DIY Public Domain



Customer Requests: Message to Customer Examples

Designing Cards – Better Designs = More Approvals & More Sales

Designing Cards – Custom Front Card Tips

Designing Cards – Digital Backgrounds

Designing Cards – Dingbats

Designing Cards – Facelifts for Old Cards

Designing Cards – Finding CU Elements

Designing Cards – Image: Make the Image Match the Occasion

Designing Cards – Small Batch a Day Keeps the Mistakes Away

Designing Cards – Text: What’s In a Verse

Designing Cards – Tools to Help Choose Color Palettes

Graphics – CU4CU Digital Design Elements

Graphics How-to – Chalkboard/Blackboard

Graphics How-to – Checkerboard/Gingham Patterns

Graphics How-to – Metallics

Graphics How-to – Plaid Patterns

Graphics How-to – Patterns

Graphics How-to – Ribbon Banners

Graphics How-To – Scanning Tips

Graphics How-To – Snow

Graphics How-To – Textured Overlays

Graphics How-To – Wood Textures

Graphics – Watercolor Design Freebies

Text – Alignment and Balance

Text – Diacritical Marks: Keyboard Shortcuts

Text – Ellipses

Text – Foreign Language Tips

Text – Funny Greeting Cards How-to

Text – Grammar: Tools & Resources

Text – Pairing Fonts

Text – Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation

Text – Typography: It’s All in the Type

Text – Typography Tips

Text – Verse or No Verse?

Text – Vertical Text Etiquette

Text – Writing Greeting Card Verse



Basic Marketing

How to Sell More Cards, Part 1

How to Sell More Cards, Part 2

How to Sell More Cards, Part 3

How to Sell More Cards, Part 4

Referral Links on Pinterest – How to Get Seller Commission

Submitting Your Site/Work to Search Engines



Photography – 10 Reasons Why Your Photographs Might Not Meet Submission Guidelines

Photography – Artifacts … the Facts

Photography – Background Removal

Photography – Before and After

Photography – Blending of Elements

Photography – Blue Skies

Photography – Bokeh Effect

Photography – Budget Photo Editing Tools

Photography – Color of Light

Photography – Getting the Most Out of Photographs

Photography – HDR Photography & Effects

Photography – Highlights & Shadows

Photography – Image Speaks Volumes

Photography – Motion Capture

Photography – Photo Critique

Photography – Photographing Snow

Photography – Subject

Photography – Tinting & Toning

Photography – Tonal Values

Photography – Visible Horizon


A series of informative articles illustrating GCU’s Submission Guidelines and offering advice.

Composition – Balance of Elements

Composition – Framing/Alignment

Composition – Perspective

Composition = Placement/Position

Composition – Professionalism

Composition – Subject Matter

Image Quality – Color/Contrast

Image Quality – Excessive Effects

Image Quality – Grain/Color Noise

Image Quality – Lighting/Flash Eye

Image Quality – Poor Scans

Image Quality – Resolution

Image Quality – Sharpness/Clarity

Intellectual Property

Marketability – Creative Use Policy

Marketability – No Thank You

Marketability – Occasion/Gender/Age Specific

Marketability – Photo Card Area

Typography – Color

Typography – Effects

Typography – Font Choices

Typography – Font Combinations

Typography – Legibility

Typography – Text Placement

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  1. June 29, 2014 12:11 pm

    This is terrific! And I hope that when there are updates to the content and the “as of” date changes, that the specific links that have been updated will be noted. This will make for efficient reading for established artists. Again, thanks!

  2. July 2, 2014 2:54 pm

    Corrie, Wow, I must have missed this one! What a great service you have done by categorizing all of this information. Thanks so much!

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