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Rainbow Connection: December Gold

November 27, 2018


December is such a festive month. It makes me think of glitter, opulance, but also warmth. Here are some inspirations around the theme Gold that I found the internet this week:



What RGB colors make gold? Check out this website.



Wanted New Cards: Thank You Host Family Exchange Student.

November 22, 2018

wanted new cards head

Wanted Cards – Thank You Host Family Exchange Student


It is a big responsibility and a lot of work to host a foreign exchange student. Although most or all of their expenses may be covered, just the responsibility of having another person in the household adds extra work and concern.  The best of host families really roll out the red carpet to immerse the student in the host country’s lifestyle – dining, sightseeing, shopping, traveling, etc.
For many exchange students, it is a once in a lifetime experience that they will never forget … as well as for the hosting family.


Please consider creating cards for this new category from the student to the host family:



Freebie Wednesday: Kawaii Christmas Clipart.

November 21, 2018

Freebie Wednesday:


Creative Fabrica has a cute set of 27 Kawaii Christmas Clipart for free for another 2 days so you better hurry. Don’t miss out!




This product comes with a complete commercial license.


Rainbow Connection: Thanksgiving Color Inspiration

November 20, 2018


Draw some design inspirtation for next Thanksgiving with these fall colors:



Nuts and Bolts: Design Challenge Feedback

November 16, 2018


Nuts & Bolts – Design Challenge Feedback


As we come to the year’s end and the final Design Challenge of 2018, we look forward to the Founders’ Choice Awards which is a time for GCU to look back on all of the amazing card submission of 2018.


GCU runs the Design Challenge every month with each challenge having a different theme. It is a great source of new card designs for GCU, a fun opportunity for artists to challenge themselves and design outside of their norm, and inspiration for artists looking for new ideas.


Heading into 2019, GCU would love to see more artists enter the challenge each month as well as see more artists enter for the first time.


We’d like to get artists’ feedback and suggestions on how to improve the Design Challenges for 2019.  How can GCU make the challenges more interesting, easier to enter?  Would you like more time, better rewards, input on themes, better communications or reminders to enter, etc.?


By 12/15, please share your feedback in the comments / reply below or if you’d like to send them privately please send an email titled “Design Challenge Feedback” to


Thank you in advance!



The difference is made in the details!


GCU Community Manager

Wanted New Cards: Thank You Blood Donor

November 15, 2018

wanted new cards head

Wanted Cards – Thank You Blood Donor


There are many different needs for blood – everyday.  Supplies are not just needed when we may think they are in high demand like accidents and natural disasters. The majority of blood is needed everyday for surgeries, organ transplants, treatments for blood disorders and other non-emergency uses.


Blood donations are always in need to have supplies of blood at the ready and is one of the most precious gifts that anyone can give to another person.


Some people may be regular blood donors, others may donate when there is a specific need, or others when they are aware of a blood drive nearby.


Please consider creating Thank a Blood Donor cards for this new category.  Before designing, please take some time to research appropriate messages for thanking a blood donor.


Freebie Wednesday: Dellamonde Font

November 14, 2018

Freebie Wednesday:


The Hungry JPEG has a lovely free Classic Script Font available for you this week. You can get Dellamonde by clicking here:



This product comes with a complete commercial license.


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