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Guest Blog: Doreen Erhardt, Profiting From the GCU Widget

May 20, 2011

Today’s guest blog come from the ever talented (and amazingly busy) Doreen Erhardt, who very kindly tell us about the GCU Widget and why it’s an effortless way to make a profit!


Widget Power

As GCU artists we have a powerful promotion tool called a Widget which we can place on all our other sites that support this type of Java/Flash script (most do these days).  These provide a professional showcase of your store while earning some nice commission bucks from new customer referrals.


Log in to your Admin Page and the Widget creation will on your Admin Page under Community & Resources.

  1. Choose your widget based on where it will be used, so be sure your choice will fit the dimensions of your location.
  2. Choose which cards you show off by choosing Random, Featured, Category, Keywords or Favorites. Be sure to SAVE to view what you chose.
  3. Enter a Header Title for your Widget to draw in traffic.
  4. Customize the color of your widget, SAVE to view your changes.  Color options are only available for Style 2.
  5. Grab the HTML, copy and paste it into your blogs or website.


  • You can change what your widget shows anytime you want and the widgets on all your sites should automatically update.  Check this periodically; due to the complexity of coding they have corruption issues occasionally in which case all you need to do is delete and replace the code.
  • Though you can have multiple widgets and various styles on your sites, the cards you choose will be the same everywhere you have a widget.  In other words; my store widget is currently set up for graduation cards and I can place that widget or any combination of the three styles of widgets throughout all my sites…BUT, they will ALL reflect the graduation cards.
  • On my PAWSitively PETrageous site I want to show only pet related cards, so I have created a Member Account using a different email address.  I can now go to the Member’s Corner and choose the Sell Greeting Cards link to set up a new widget to show only Pet Related Cards chosen by Category, keywords or store.

I’ve had success using these widgets and place them everywhere I have my work.  All your websites should have a list of where you can be found if you really want to promote your work.  These widgets are a tidy and professional way to accomplish that.  Though I have not tried to figure out how many of my own sales came from these Widgets or my Sell This Card links, I can tell you that I’ve sold nearly 400 of YOUR cards since January 2010 through these tools.  Though you will receive email notification that states Sale Made through Widget, to view what cards sold, you need to go to your Reports & Analysis, then Earnings Report.  Under the list of Payment History you will see the details of your Earnings History.  This is the only place I have found that gives the specifics of which cards sold through your widget or Sell This Card Link.

The way this works is that each NEW customer you bring to GCU through your widget or Sell This Card link, you’ll receive .50-cents per card they buy up to a $25.00 maximum for that order.  I’ve had three sales that reached the maximum payout.  So in addition to my own card sales at GCU, I’ve brought in new customers with the reward of additional referral income nearly $200.00 over the past 18-months…now I ask you; why wouldn’t you want to use the widgets every place you can?

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  1. Rycky Creations permalink
    May 20, 2011 5:51 pm

    Great advice, Doreen (as usual). Even though I knew about the widgets, I’d never really thought about setting up a different widget with specific cards. This would work really well with my Hope for Cancer blog! Now, off to work on that!

  2. May 20, 2011 11:23 pm

    Doreen, Good sense my lady. I wondered how folks were doing with selling others’ cards. I just don’t have enough exposure out there, but I’m trying. Need to get well and stay well long enough to learn the blogging (and lens) ropes a lot better… You sweet lady, are a real motivator. Thanks for all you do for our community!

  3. May 21, 2011 10:02 pm

    Doreen, I love the widgets, good to know that much money can be made from them.
    Thanks for all you do for our community!

  4. May 26, 2011 4:11 pm

    Hey all…

    Just wanted to congratulate the following artists for making a card sale through one of my widgets…Consider this motivation to get your widget on!

    Product ID: 725106 Artist: Diana Liu
    Product ID: 55435 Artist: Jen Cosgrove
    Product ID: 793584 Artist: Betty Matsumoto-Schuch
    Product ID: 790601 Artist: Diana Liu
    Product ID: 788597 Artist: Diana Liu
    Product ID: 784057 Artist: Diana Liu
    Product ID: 786882 Artist: Betty Matsumoto-Schuch

    Go forth and wag your widget!!

    • May 27, 2011 8:02 am

      Congrats to the lucky artists! Just goes to show that the widget can be an earner.


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