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Font Frenzy: Alex Brush

October 30, 2012


Alex Brush font is a very pretty and very legible script font that I’d call semi-formal – it doesn’t have the elaborate loops and fussy swirls of other, more formal fonts, but it’s not a casual handwriting font, either.

I’d use this font when I wanted to add a little elegance to a card design. Because it’s easy to read and pairs nicely with non-script fonts (like Copperplate Gothic or Garamond), this will become a go-to font for your toolbox. Have fun!

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  1. October 30, 2012 12:39 pm

    Thank you, Corrie!

  2. October 30, 2012 2:13 pm

    I LOVE this brush, it’s one I use all the time!

  3. Beverly Arena-Bainbridge permalink
    November 1, 2012 3:22 pm

    One of my favorite fonts.

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