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Design Contest: The Office

March 20, 2013

So Administrative Professionals Day is on April 24th, so we thought we’d have a little Design Contest: The Office to showcase those wonderful designs of yours.

Any Admin Professionals Day card may be submitted. One per artist, please. You have until March 26 to nominate your card. On March 27, I will post all entries and open the voting.

As usual, there are some Bonus Votes up for grabs. Why? Because I want artists who aren’t used to doing self-promotion to dabble their toes in the waters and give it a try – they’ll benefit from the experience and may start marketing their cards to improve their sales. And artists who are experienced marketers can also benefit by giving their card a wider audience through their established channels. So if you want to earn Bonus Votes, they’re there to get if you put in the effort. If you prefer not to, that’s your choice. So without further ado…

Bonus Votes

+5 Bonus Votes if you make a blog post, Squidoo lens, or other promotional webpage about Admin Professionals Day including links to 5 relevant greeting cards on GCU

+5 Bonus Votes if you pin 5 Admin Professionals Day cards from GCU to Pinterest

+5 Bonus Votes if you also nominate another artist’s Admin Professionals Day card

Good luck to everyone!

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