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Tips and Tricks: Bigstock Declines

February 5, 2014

Big Stock Declines

GCU’s newest feature – you can use photographs from Bigstock to  make greeting cards.  Check out the beta version here. Currently, artists can create up to 10 cards – please don’t exceed this amount yet.

The interface is straightforward, though supported only by Firefox and Chrome (not Internet Explorer). Go read Mindy’s Forum post for details. We’ll hit the highlights here.

You can add text to the front of the card. You add an inside verse. You include a title, keywords, and put a good description in the Artist’s Notes. Use the Notes to Reviewers to communicate to the reviewers any information they should have to allow them to make an informed decision (such as the intended category of the card).

When you submit the card, it will automatically go into your Private Gallery. If a card is Approved by a Reviewer, it will be placed in Collections > Off the Cuff Greetings. Hosever, if your card is extra special, unusual, and highly marketable, it could also be put into a regular category befitting the occasion addressed by the card.

It’s worth nothing at this time that Reviewers cannot Return a Bigstock card for Edits! If there’s an error or a miscalculation in composition, or any other problem, they can only Decline the card.

What can you do to avoid Declines?

  • Police your spelling and grammar three times.
  • Ensure your title and keywords are correct for the card/occasion.
  • Be extra careful of your composition! Preview to check and double check (and triple, quadruple, etc) where the text falls on the photograph. You’ll probably have to play around to get the text in exactly the right spot so nothing in the photo (shadows, etc) obscures or interferes with the text.
  • Don’t forget the same rules apply as for regular GCU card submissions.
  • If you get a Decline, pay attention to the Reviewer’s notes to understand where things went wrong.
  • Sometimes, it’s not you – it’s Bigstock. As we’ve gone further along in the process, it’s been found that not all the photos available are suitable (ie, trademarked image, etc). If that happens, just move on.

GCU is continuing to update and improve the feature’s functionality. We’ll be bringing you more tips soon.

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  1. February 7, 2014 9:48 pm

    Hi, my BIGSTOCK Submissions have been put on HOLD until after the beta testing, because I have gone over the limit. Since this post was posted after Mindy’s 5 Card Minimum, I was assuming Corries post here with the 10 card min. was the most recent rules. My questions are … 1.) 5 or 10 card minimum? 2.) Is this per store or per artist/as I have 2 stores. I have been very careful to follow the rules at GCU, but the rules need to be uniform and clear, so artists do not get put on hold … and can someone please see if I can be taken off hold from this misunderstanding. Thank you.

  2. February 8, 2014 6:28 am

    The Forum thread Mindy started about Bigstock has the most recent information. Artists can make up to 10 cards, and I’d say stick to 10 cards per artist right now (not per store). As soon as the feature is out of beta, you’ll be able to go for it.


  3. February 8, 2014 11:14 am

    Thank you Corrie, I did a count of both stores, and I was only up to 9 cards, and put on hold until after beta testing, I have already had 42 Bigstock Cards approved, but I guess I will just wait. Thank you.

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