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Dash of Inspiration: Digital Painting, Part 1

February 17, 2014

A Dash of Inspiration, A Cup of Creativity by Doreen

Digital Painting, Part 1

Many artists find themselves wanting to move towards digital painting, even if only to add finishing touches to a scanned work of art. I stumbled on a “Painting in Photoshop with a Tablet” tutorial and it inspired me for a 2-part series on Digital Painting. I rarely paint in Photoshop since I also have Corel Painter 11 and it communicates beautifully with CS-5, I paint in Corel. Regardless of the program you choose, starting out with a tablet can be a frustrating learning curve. Here’s hoping these tutorials help you choose the right tablet for you and may even inspire those who didn’t think they would benefit to consider using one.

Digital Tablets! – How Much, Why, Who, etc.

Which Drawing Tablet To Buy in 2014

How To Use A Drawing Tablet for Digital Art

Tablets For Photographers

1 hour webinar recording, Wes Maggio from Wacom, an avid shooter and all around tablet guru shows you how a pen tablet can help you bring out the true potential in your images.

Wacom Tablet Basics – Adobe Photoshop

Next week, in Part 2 of Digital Painting, I’ll share some wonderful tutorials on using various digital programs to paint or even just to add finishing touches to your artwork using digital software.

Don’t want to leave you without any FREEBIES this week and as always be sure to read the TOU.

Large Polaroid brushes (image pack included):

            Sanami’s TOU

Vector Polaroid Frame

A digital painting using Corel Painter and Wacom Intuous 3 tablet.

So, until next week … Learn … Create … Inspire!

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