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News: Adult Content Guidelines Update

February 25, 2014

The guidelines have changed a bit when it comes to adult content (nudity, drug use, other grown up stuff) on GCU. Here’s Mindy with an update.


See an example of a card embracing the new guidelines here:

Somewhat recently GCU has incorporated an adult content filter on the site.  Shoppers can now filter the cards they are viewing based on adult content.

This filter can be seen near the “most popular” and “newest” page sorts as “show adult cards” or “hide adult cards”.  If no adult cards exist within the current page of cards being displayed then this sort/filter option will not appear.

With this feature GCU has loosened up the belt so to speak on the Adult Content Guidelines.  Here is the updated guideline per the Artist FAQ #33.

GCU will consider adult content submissions.  GCU will be very selective when reviewing images or creative content that is determined to be / exhibit:  sexually explicit, nudity, violence, drug use, discrimination and profanity.  By nature this is a subjective and discretionary determination, GCU may decline any submission it feels is not a good fit for GCU’s market.  GCU will NOT consider creative works considered to be pornographic.

The most significant change?  Previously frontal nudity was not allow but now it will be considered.  Photographic works will likely be under heavier scrutiny than other medium.  Often the “real deal” is more graphic that an illustration or cartoon for example.

Rest assure, there will be some “adult” content that shoppers are looking for that GCU simply has NO intention of ever offering.  There is sure to be content that not all of our artists agree with or advocate, however GCU’s goal is to offer a tasteful range of content while allowing shoppers to control what they see.

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  1. February 25, 2014 3:51 pm

    Thank you for the update Mindy & Corrie!

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