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Inspiration Station: Card Ideas for 2014

April 24, 2014


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Pinterest gives great visual inspiration to artists looking for ideas to fire up their imaginations when designing greeting cards. Quite often, you’ll find hand made cards instead of the kind found in retail shops. That’s actually a good thing. Mainstream greeting card publishers have to work months ahead of a holiday, where hand made card makers can adopt trends at the spur of the moment.

Here are some boards you can visit right now.

Cardmaking Ideas
Offers great examples of hand made cards that’ll not only inspire you, but you’ll glean information on color schemes and compositions, too.

Love Card Ideas
A board devoted to love and romance cards. Some of these are very sweet. Get inspired for categories in love/romance, anniversary, and of course, Valentine’s Day.

Stampin’ Up Cards
The company makes rubber stamps and stencils for the hand made card market. These examples will really give you understanding into what’s hot right now.

Penny Black
Another stamp company. This board contains the color illustrations of their cute designs.

Feel free to further explore Pinterest and discover those hidden gems that will inspire your work!

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