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Tips and Tricks: Creating GCU Links for External Use

August 28, 2014

There’s been a lot of Forum discussion on the topic recently and Doreen Erhardt has given us a quick reference explaining how to create GCU links from searches and use them on other sites to promote your work. Take it away, Doreen!


Creating GCU Links for External Use

Promote your cards, storefront, other cards on GCU and various storefront or site-wide searches using these formulas.  Be CAREFUL to not omit or add characters in these parameters, if the link does not work … it’s likely you have some piece of the string incorrect.

Working in your storefront, use this as your guide for unique search URL links:

As an example, I typed into my storefront Search box: Halloween+Cat. Though all the right cards showed up, the URL at the top of the screen looks like this:

Which of course will not get the customer to my storefront, let alone this specific card search.

So, to the above link when you do the initial storefront search, you add this:

?keyword=halloween%20cats&store_id=  your store ID (which should be automatically added after the equal sign for a search within your storefront).

The working URL now looks like this showing my storefront and only Halloween Cats in my store.

To get a search parameter URL for site-wide to link, use this formula:

As an example, this link will pick up all cards with Red and Anniversary and sort will be newest.

This link will pick up all cards with Sunflower and Birthday and sort will be most popular.

You get the idea. So to create your own searches simply replace the ‘keywords’ in the above links, separating the keywords with %20 and you’ll have a viable search URL to link to off-site. Notice you can change the ‘sort’ to either newest or popular depending on your needs.

Adding Referral ID to these links:

Now add your Referral ID code to these links to get referral monies from a new customer who follows your link and shops anywhere on GCU using that ‘cookie’.

To add your referral code to the end of a GCU standard URL for a storefront, category, etc.

Add this to end of link for referral code: ?gcu=your referral ID

If link has been derived from a search parameter (like those I show above) use this: &gcu=your referral ID

To obtain your Referral ID, go to Manage Cards >> Community Resources >> Widgets.

Now look at the Get HTML for your widget and notice the Promotional Email Link code, which looks like this:

Replace the ‘your referral ID’ in the two codes above and you just tack that on the end of the appropriate GCU URL.

To see these types of links at work, visit my greeting card page for my own cards and store-wide searches here:

And here where I’ve started an ongoing list of some of my favorite GCU artist’s stores:

Good luck!

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