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Tips and Tricks: Angel Policy

October 8, 2014

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What the heck’s an Angel Policy?

An angel policy is a licensing phrase often used by rubber stamp companies which lays out the terms under which you—the purchaser of the rubber stamp—may use their product. Sometimes, you’ll also see a business listed as an “Angel Company.”

If you buy rubber stamps with the intention of using the designs to make greeting cards for GCU, here are a few issues to watch out for:

  • Ensure the company’s Angel Policy permits not only commercial use, but is okay for Print on Demand (POD), mass production, or mechanical reproduction. Quite often, licensing restrictions allow for the reselling of hand-made items only.
  • Even if you see the phrase “royalty free,” some restrictions may apply. Read the Angel Policy thoroughly.
  • Should the policy allow you to use the stamps commercially for mass production, do not forget to include a link to the design on the company’s website + an additional link to the TOU/Angel Policy in your Notes to Reviewer. This is an essential step. Omitting this information will likely get your card Returned for Edits.

Below are a couple of links to more information. Be very careful, respect other’s copyrights, and read, read, read the Angel Policy before you stamp n’ sell.

Angel Policies of Various Companies

Angel Company or Angel Policy

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