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Inspiration Station: Kwanzaa

October 29, 2014

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The African-inspired holiday, Kwanzaa, takes place over seven days: December 26 through January 1. Like Christmas and Hanukkah, Kwanzaa has its own unique colors and themes. Consider including Kwanzaa designs in your work—below are some resources that will help you tackle this time so special to African-Americans.


The colors of Kwanzaa are black, red and green. Black represents the African people themselves, while red symbolizes the blood of ancestors who came from Africa and green stands for the lush, abundant country. Here’s a suggested palette, feel free to adjust to suit your designs.



Kwanzaa Candles: Seven candles—one black in the center, three red on the left, three green on the right in the seven-branched kinara (candle holder)—represent the Seven Principles of Kwanzaa. Each night during the celebration, a candle is lit.

Africa: Images of the continent and African inspired designs such as those found on textiles and art.

Symbols: The unity cup; fruits, nuts and vegetables; kinara (see above); seven candles in the Kwanzaa colors; ears of corn.

Check out Kwanzaa to learn more about the celebration.

The Official Kwanzaa website is also worth a look.


Pinterest is the place to go to find the inspiration you need to create beautiful Kwanzaa designs.

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Kwanzaa Cards, Etc.
Kwanzaa Celebration Cards
Kwanzaa Cards

Not a lot  in these boards, but there are some very nice designs.

African-American Christmas Cards
There are some Kwanzaa designs here, too.

Have fun!

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