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Tips and Tricks: Trendy Chevrons

December 30, 2014

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In 2015, chevrons remain one of THE most trendy patterns in all kinds of design work, so if you’re looking to update old cards or create something fresh, you can’t go wrong with chevrons in your background pattern or somewhere on the card! If you don’t know what chevrons are (aka a zig-zag pattern), here’s an example:


Chevrons come in all widths from wide to narrow, and can be a solid color interspersed with white or two different colors or even multi-colored. A chevron pattern is great for backgrounds done with a subtle tone-on-tone (like light blue and a slightly darker blue). Just be sure if you’re using another graphic, don’t let the chevrons overwhelm.

Check out Chevrons on Pinterest for inspiration.

We’ve gathered together a few resources for you to help in your quest for cool chevrons. As always, double-check the license yourself and note the URL for your Notes to Reviewer when you submit your design.

Free Photoshop Brushes: Chevrons
Attribution required.

Free High Resolution Chevron Patterns in PSD Format
The colors are set but you can easily make a change.

Make a Chevron Pattern in Gimp
Tutorial for GIMP users.

Create a Chevron Pattern in Paint Shop Pro
Another helpful tutorial.

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