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Inspiration Station: Finding Design Trends on Pinterest

May 5, 2015


Pinterest logo vector - Free download vector logo of Pinterest


A go-to spot on the Internet for quick inspiration is Pinterest. You can do searches for entire boards or individual pins. Here are a couple of places I turn to frequently to get inspired.

Pinterest Most Popular
An ever-changing collection of the most popular posts people are pinning and sharing. It’s very eclectic, but I’ve found everything from neat color combinations to new design elements. This is the hot stuff, so keep your eyes peeled for developing trends. You’ll spot them here first.

Pinterest Trends: Pastels
Soft pinks, robin’s egg blue, seafoam green … pastels are making a big comeback and not just for Easter! We’re seeing pastel colors popping up in everything from hair colors to bedding, paints, accessories, nail polish, etc. Now’s the time to add some pastel colors to your designs and get some inspiration here.

Pinterest: Wedding Trends 2015
This year’s hottest trends in weddings! Useful information, especially the important color combinations trendy brides-to-be will be wanting for their upcoming nuptials.

Try out these pages on Pinterest and get inspired!

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