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Tips and Tricks: Tutorial – Free Adobe Photoshop CS2 Suite

May 7, 2015

Sometimes Adobe offers outdated versions of its graphics software free. At the moment, you can get Adobe products including whole CS2 Suite for free directly from Adobe. Check out this Google Doc document – the link at the very top of the chart is to the site where you can download free products, but if you don’t already have a log-in, you’ll have to register. The document contains a list of everything being offered free.

Photoshop CS2 is old, but you can still get plenty of basic function out of it. If you’ve ever wanted to try Photoshop, now’s the time to do it without spending a penny. You’ll find you have to pay careful attention to extras you may want to download like Actions  or brushes – be sure they work with CS2. We used CS2 for years before we upgraded.

PLEASE NOTE: We have not personally tested this link or the downloads on the Adobe site, but since the offer comes from Adobe’s official site, we consider it legit.Also be aware these sort of offers are very popular; availability and download speed may be affected. Also, CS2 is no longer being updated. Use at your own risk.

Have fun!

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