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Dash of Inspiration: New Year’s Cards 2016

November 9, 2015

DashInspirationBanner_2015The Holiday Season is well on it’s way, so hurry and get those New Year’s cards updated for 2016!  If your 2016 updated card is showing up in the below 2015 search, then you may not have updated all the necessary fields.

Remember when you make these updates to:

  1. Update your Card Title, Keywords and Artist Notes.
  2. Take the time to update your CUSTOM cards to the new year to increase their marketability.
  3. If you have Chinese New Year cards which DO NOT reflect the ‘year of the horse’, then update those as well.

2015 New Year’s Cards

2015 Chinese New Year

If you want to sell your cards for the upcoming New Year season, then best get busy with those updates or your cards will be left behind. Let’s help GCU pull off a professional front when promoting our New Year’s cards by showing potential customer ONLY CURRENT cards.

AND … here’s a special reminder from the GCU Review Team and Mindy:

Chinese zodiac specific designs are the strongest selling Chinese New Year (CNY) cards on GCU. For this reason GCU will discriminate card and category approvals of Chinese New Year (CNY) cards. Only zodiac specific designs will be approved under the zodiac specific categories (ie: Holidays >> Chinese New Year >> Year of the Monkey, etc.). The front of the card must have zodiac specific image and / or text. Cards that are also year specific (ie: 2016) on the front or inside will be approved under the appropriate subcategory (ie: Holidays >> Chinese New Year >> Year of the Monkey >> Year Specific, etc.).

CNY cards that are NOT zodiac specific in the front design will be approved under the appropriate”genera” category. This includes many of the universal symbols of the holiday (bamboo, koi, tea, fruit, firecrackers, red envelopes, etc.). If the card has year specific content (ie: 2016) or the zodiac is addressed on the inside verse only these cards will be approved in Holidays >> Chinese New Year >> Year Specific.

Note: The Dragon is the only zodiac animal sign GCU will considered as a universal symbol of the holiday and permitted to be used outside of its zodiac year (Year of the Dragon).

Please note: GCU needs to maintain consistency of design to the pid#, it should reflect the same card over time so shoppers coming back for a specific card can find that design updated for the current year. Minor improvements and edits are acceptable and encouraged but major design changes will cause confusion for shoppers and may result in lost sales for repeat orders. Please update the YEAR showing on the card but the basic imagery and CATEGORY must remain the same. Example: a Year of the Ram card cannot be updated and moved to the Year of the Monkey category.

We encourage you to create new designs for the current year and simply update the year on the cards from years past. This expands your opportunity for sales, you will have the established design available for repeat orders and new designs will offer further opportunity.

Off you go to make updates, see you on the New Year’s 2016 pages!


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