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Dash of Inspiration: Wedding Series

February 22, 2016


Knowing the latest trends for the upcoming wedding season and offering designs which  coordinate with the bride’s color palette can mean sales. Today I thought I’d share some tips, trends and freebies for your wedding series.

  • Do review your old designs and consider changing the color to a palette for the upcoming season. This not only gives an old card a refreshing look, but you don’t have to work so hard to get that new card seen. Updating old cards keeps their place in both GCU’s marketplace and external searches.
  • Do keep in mind that black and white, gold, silver and cream hues will always be in style for weddings, so those cards you can keep trendy by with updates to your typography and embellishments, but there is no need to change colors on those old cards. They will always in ‘in season’.
  • Rather than making many different colors for brides to choose from of the same design (you’ll never have the right combination for every bride), consider this trick:
    • Use a different color palette from the season’s choices for each of the sub-categories, such as; bridesmaid, maid of honor, etc. This shows brides a wider range of color combinations all in the same design without flooding their viewing experience with many duplicates.
    • Then in your Card Descriptions (Artist Notes), make a point of letting the brides know there are many colors available and you, the artist, are willing to help them find the exact color they’re after.
    • When you reach the color limit on GCU, remember the three-times-rule, add one of each additional color combination to your Private Gallery and use that as a ‘show room’. Let brides know in your Card Description and/or when they contact you, they can view more color options in your private gallery accessible through your storefront.
  • When you create a series of wedding cards, don’t just use the same image over and over again with different text on the front. Be more creative. Add and reduce elements to create a more personal touch to some of those categories. Cards for groomsmen should be similar in design, but should also have a masculine feel while still coordinating with the overall design.
  • Save yourself some time by using the Custom Front text option whenever possible for those special categories. Example: Relation-specific, wedding attendant thank you, ‘be my’ less common categories, etc. This offers you a larger opportunity for sales as the savvy bride will choose one and change the name/relation on the front.
  • Don’t mislead customers by using terms like glitter, embossed, flecked. Always be upfront in your keywords, card title and card description that these are all digitally created to represent the real thing. Use defining words and phrases like; faux, visual only, digitally applied, replicates the appearance of, or can’t be felt to the touch.
  • When you use a color palette, such as the one I offer in this post, use the color number and/or name of the color on the chart in your meta-tag data and most certainly in your Card Description. Not only will search engines pick up your series for brides searching for that specific color palette, you will be giving the customers a realistic color to work with. If you do this, BE SURE you have used the actual color number associated with the name of the color to create your designs.
  • Do think up unique offerings in your design and wordsmithing, and offer variety from subtle and elegant to bold and edgy. There are brides of every kind, in every walk of life and you will serve yourself best as a designer to stretch your creativity and go outside the traditional box once in a while.

Wedding Trends for 2016

10 Top Wedding Colors for Spring of 2016 from Elegant Wedding

25 Hot Wedding Color Combination Ideas 2016 by Tulle and

The Hottest New Wedding Trends for 2016 by Bridal


Fonts are critical to occasions – for your formal wedding designs, be sure to match an elegant script font with a more tradition font for a beautiful pair. Such as these combinations from our friends at

CAC Champagne Regular


and Cormorant


Great Vibes Regular


and Oranienbaum Regular



Until next week – Learn . Create . Inspire!

Don’t forget to check out our monthly Design Challenges!

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  1. February 23, 2016 12:03 pm

    The colors are exciting! I love the fonts! Thank you for your inspiration!

    • February 23, 2016 3:46 pm

      Hi Sandy! Great to hear you were inspired and can make use of the fonts. I’ve used these for a long time and the best thing is they are free and commercial use friendly 🙂

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