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Nuts and Bolts: On the Lookout for New Occasions

July 15, 2016

Nuts & Bolts – On the Lookout for New Occasions


Think outside of the box, find an occasion in your own life or circle of friends that you connect with, or an occasion that you have a different or fresh take on.  If you pay attention there are ideas for new card occasions around you every day!


Once you get started it can lead to other ideas.  Kind of like the children’s book “If You Give a Pig a Pancake”.  One thing always leads to another.


Get invited to a Rib Cook-off Party?  That’s a good idea for invitations.  Hmm, probably a good idea for Chili Cook-off Party invitations too.  And a Salsa Cook-off.  Three new category ideas all started by one little rib!


Go river rafting this summer?  Have the best guide ever who didn’t let you fall in (unless you wanted to)?  Thank You Rafting Guide cards, voila!  Maybe raft guides can be certified.  Do a little online research to find out.  Congratulations on your Raft Guide Certification cards.  Speaking of certification, wonder if those guides have to be CPR certified.  Congratulations on your CPR Certification cards.  Boom!


See these standout examples:


Customizable Names-Encouragement for Dyslexic-Girl with... (1440548) 2016-07-15 17-11-23
Thank You for the Time at the Lake, A Great Experience card (1127924) 2016-07-15 17-12-57
GCU gets some of their best new category suggestions not only from shoppers requesting cards they cannot find but from artists too!


TIP: if you create a card that does not fit into an existing category simply put the card in >>Other subcategory of the closest matching category and include in the Note to Reviewers your intention and the new occasion you feel that may justify a new category.


Before you make your card you can also suggest a category here on the forum:


This will not only set you apart from other artists but helps round out your offering of cards giving your store depth and breadth.  It also continue to make GCU the source for any card imaginable!


The difference is made in the details!
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  1. August 2, 2016 10:27 pm

    A belated thanks for mentioning my lake card! This card was indeed created to fill a need based on my own personal experience. This card and derivative designs have sold, so I’m happy to have made things that others liked and needed, too.

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