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Nuts and Bolts: Design for Business Logos

October 7, 2016


Nuts & Bolts – Design for Business Logos


Businesses love to personalize cards with their logos.  It is a great way to strengthen their brand and show employees, clients and customers that they have taken the extra time and attention to send a personalized card.


GCU offers businesses the ability to include their logo on the inside of any card, just like a shopper would include a photo on the inside.  This is very popular and is a no-charge feature on GCU.  It really adds a personal touch.


How do you create a design for a logo?
It’s just like creating a photo card.  Your design should allow a space and transparent area where the logo would be placed.  This can be tricky since all logos are not created equal and may be of different shapes, sizes and orientations.


When you submit your photo to GCU, in the create a card step, after defining the transparent photo area, you will be able to select a “your logo here” placeholder image (vs a placeholder photo).


See this example by Penny Cork:


TIP: add a note to the shopper in your Artist Notes that if their logo is not a perfect fit in the space you’ve allowed in your design you are happy to make a custom card and place the logo in the design for them.  To do so they should use the Request a Design Change option at which time they can include their logo file.  


If you get a Design Change request to include the logo in the cover design, this card of course would be uploaded to your Private gallery.



The difference is made in the details!


GCU Community Manager
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