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Nuts and Bolts: Stock Card Creations, Image Offline Decline

October 28, 2016

Nuts & Bolts – Stock Card Creations, Image Offline Decline


For those artists who create cards using GCU’s Stock Card Creations service (aka: Bigstock cards), periodically you may receive a Decline notice like the following:


GCU has taken this card offline as the stock image it is based upon is no longer being offered by as part of their Partner Program. Thank you for your understanding. 


No need to worry.  There is nothing that you have done, nor that GCU has done in error. This is a standard process in which GCU is required to remove images offered via the Stock Card Creations service when the content contributor on Bigstock has either removed the image from Bigstock, or has chosen not to make the image(s) available via their Partner Program.


Tip:  If this was a popular card, serving a niche, or maybe one of your favorites, consider finding a different image offered that serves the same purpose and recreate the card. Time saving tips for recreating a card with Stock Card Creations:  copy and paste the card data (title, keywords, inside verse, artist notes) from the original card (via Manage Cards) to the new card as you create it. 


Note: In your new submission please be sure to include in the Notes to Reviewer, the product id# of the original submission and state that the original image was taken offline, so the reviewer can double check against the original for a speedy and informed review.



The difference is made in the details!


GCU Community Manager
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