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Nuts and Bolts: Creative Tips for Stock Card Creations

April 10, 2017

Nuts & Bolts – Creative Tips for Stock Card Creations


Creating cards using GCU’s Stock Card Creations (Bigstock) is a quick and easy way to create cards. The tool is fairly simple and has some limitations but with your creative ideas the possibilities are endless.


Below are a few things to consider when creating your cards to make them appeal to both the reviews and shoppers:


1. When searching for an image try a few different search terms/phrases to find what you are looking for and scroll beyond the first page of results to find something unique and underused. There are millions of images, don’t settle for the first image you find.


2. Consider deviating from the default image size. You can expand the images and move them around. This allows you to cropout elements on the fringe you don’t want or focus in a certain element and even position or expand an unobstructed area to add your text.

3. Consider different orientation (portrait vs landscape) to see which best suits the image and your desired cover text.


image with background added & changed card orientation:

4. Think outside of the box, borders don’t have to be on all four sides and equal width. Use the background colors creatively for an eye pleasing composition that highlights your image and text.


5. Play with multiple text blocks to add variety.  Unlike GCU’s Custom Front cards which do not allow text blocks to touch, overlapping text blocks is not an issue with Stock Card Creations. You can add multiple text blocks and move them around which gives you flexibility with font style, size, color and placement.
Example of variety with text achieved but using more than one text block:


6. Get creative with images and text placement to make it look intentional, like a perfect marriage, not an ill fitting afterthought. See these A+ examples:
7. Just like with traditionally created cards, if you’ve come up with a great design and one that seems to be selling well consider using the same image to create a like image series (age specific, relation specific, etc). Be sure to include a reference to the original pid# and your intent to create a like image series in the Note to Reviewers to speed things along.
Play around and have fun with it!



Tip: to see all of the Stock Card Creations cards search for “cuff” or view category Collections >> Off the Cuff


The difference is made in the details!


GCU Community Manager


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