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Nuts & Bolts: Manage Cards Usability.

April 13, 2018



Nuts & Bolts – Manage Cards Usability
As your store grows, you will notice that navigating cards in your Manage Cards page becomes more difficult.  Sometimes it’s like finding a needle in a haystack.  Note some tools to find cards more quickly.


1. Tile View vs List View – tile view will show you more cards per page and help you locate a card by eye more quickly.  Cards in tile view have a rollover for more details. Lastly, you can click on a card in tile view to expand that card to full view.


2. Find Specific Cards by – you can filter your cards you preview by many different filters like:
Product Id – you can enter multiple product id numbers
Card Front – Standard, Custom, Stock (BigStock)
Uniqueness – Unique, Very Unique, Not Unique (this filters Approved cards only based on uniqueness of the Artist’s Notes field)
– Category (Approved cards only)

Note: GCU has done some fine tuning and you should notice that the Manage Cards page loads much more quickly. We hope our artists with super large stores are enjoying this improved performance!

The difference is made in the details!


GCU Community Manager


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