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Wanted New Cards: Re-entering the Workforce.

May 9, 2019

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Wanted Cards – Re-entering the Workforce


There are many reasons why someone may return to a career and the workforce after an extended absence.  The first that comes to mind is after maternity or paternity leave.  But there are many other reasons why someone returns to work and not just to the same job – returning to the workforce and picking back up a career or starting a new career.


After an extended leave, there are many challenges like a resume gap, outdated skills, and self confidence. Some encouragement and wishes of good luck will be appreciated!

The cards will go here in the appropriate sub-category:
Occasions >> Good Luck >> Job Hunt / Job Search >> Re-entering Workforce / Job Market after Long Absence

>> General
>> After Divorce
>> After Health Issues
>> After Stay at Home Dad / SAHD
>> After Stay at Home Mom / SAHM
>> After Retirement
>> Other

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