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Wanted New Cards: New Pet Foster Failure.

July 4, 2019

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Wanted Cards – New Pet Foster Failure


With so many animals in need of homes filling animal shelters and rescue centers, particularly cats and dogs, there is a high demand for foster homes. Until a permanent home can be found, fosters temporarily care for the animal – house, care, feed, socialize, and sometimes address special healthy and / or socialization needs.


It is very common that the foster family cannot part with the foster pet and ends up adopting them and becoming their forever home. This is fondly referred to as a Foster Failure. It’s really a Foster Win!


Please consider created cards for this new subcategory as congratulations cards for adopting a pet via shelter / rescue after fostering them.


These cards will go here:
We’d like you to create at least one card for these categories using the Stock Cards function or your own graphic designs.  Remember, when you’re submitting your new card, add a little note about the intended category in your Notes to Reviewers. Be specific, be inventive, be clever, be creative. Go for it!
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