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Wanted New Cards: Encouragement Wedding Planning 

August 15, 2019

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Wanted Cards – Encouragement Wedding Planning 
Weddings are wonderful!  Full of love, celebration, beautiful flowers, treasured photos, and family and friends surrounding the newly betrothed couple and of course the dream dress. Rewind to the planning of the grand event and it is often filled with over budgeted stress, tears, mishaps and compromises.
Please consider creating encouragement cards to send individuals involved in the wedding planning who are likely in need of some reassuring, supportive, and even comedic words to lighten the mood and put all the planning into perspective.
The following category and sub-categories are in need of cards:


>> General Wedding Planning
>> For Bride to be
>> For Father of the Bride
>> For Father of the Groom
>> For Groom
>> For Groom and Bride to be
>> For Mother of the Bride
>> For Mother of the Groom
>> For Parents of the Groom
>> For Parents of the Bride
>> Other Wedding Planning


Take a little time to reflect on or research the stressful elements of planning a wedding.  Here is a good one for starters, Why Wedding Planning is So Stressful
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