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Nuts and Bolts: 2019 Best Nine Instagram.

December 20, 2019

Nuts & Bolts – 2019 Best Nine Instagram
Social Media is a great way to share your creative works and things that inspire, entertain, and maybe even annoy you.  It’s also a great repository or chronicle of your past years.  Again, let’s have some fun and share your best 9 posts of 2019, hopefully they are greeting cards or your creative works!



Be sure to use the hashtags:

#2019bestnine #bestnine2019 #top9  #topnine #best9 #bestnine #bestnineof2019 #topnine2019

And most importantly, be sure to tag us @greetingcarduniverse


Looking forward to seeing your best 9 on Instagram!


The difference is made in the details!

GCU Community Manager
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