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Rainbow Connection: Color Through the Decades II

November 30, 2021

1960s – Peace, love and the Beatles rock the world. Colors in this era are bright, modern and psychedelic with paisley patterns, mod graphics and clashing color. Black and white also makes a statement during this decade with super groovy op art and geometric patterns.


FireShot Capture 7317 - Color Through the Decades_ 1960s - Sherwin-Williams_ -

1970s – Earth tones dominate in this era as the “earth movement” begins in earnest in 1970 with the first Earth Day. Beige, rust, avocado, harvest gold, mustard yellow, earthy brown play together in patterns and solids. Appliances take on these colors as well.


FireShot Capture 7318 - Color Through the Decades_ 1970s - Sherwin-Williams_ -

1980s – The “mauving of America” is in full swing this decade with coordinates in baby blue and gray. The Miami Vice effect begins in the mid 80’s where pastels begin to dominate. The “country” trend also takes hold but the others dominate the color scene.


FireShot Capture 7319 - Color Through the Decades_ 1980s - Sherwin-Williams_ -

1990s – McMansions and Tuscan style influences begin on the west coast and make their way to the southwest, south and midwest. Beige dominates, rustic golds, terra cotta, putty, sage, earthy reds are plentiful.


FireShot Capture 7320 - Color Through the Decades_ 1990s - Sherwin-Williams_ -

2000s – Tuscan carries over and Latte becomes one of our most popular colors. Dark wood tones and deep coffee accents paired with blue make a brief but noticeable impact. The spa trends makes its way into our bedrooms and baths to remind us of coastal vacations with pale blue, aqua and white hues.


FireShot Capture 7321 - Color Through the Decades_ 2000s - Sherwin-Williams_ -

2010s – The graying of America begins in full force. Stainless steel appliances are the norm and we now opt for gray on our walls rather than beige. Whites, black and off-black become popular wall colors as and blush tones are starting to make their way into interiors.


FireShot Capture 7322 - Color Through the Decades_ 2010s - Sherwin-Williams_ -

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