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Nuts and Bolts: Category ID# Fetch

July 8, 2022
Nuts & Bolts – Category ID# Fetch

In a prior post, we shared a new enhancement for artists; a way to speed up the category selection step in submitting or editing a card. Speed entry if you will. Here is how you take advantage of the new feature.
Original post on New Artist Enhancements.
In the category selection window, now in addition to using search terms and clicking through the category tree to locate a category, if you have the category id number (aka: Category or Cat ID#) you can enter it in the new box at the bottom of the window, click the “Fetch” button and then click the Apply Category button and it will apply the category to your card. 
Where and how do you find the Category ID#?  There are a few ways:

1. in a custom request, GCU will now be sharing along with the category for the new cards as well as the Cat ID# to use

2. when you click through the category tree you will notice that it mirrors or populates the Category ID field. You can make note of this Cat id# if you will be submitting cards for the same category in your next submission.
For example, the category Birthday >> General is Cat ID# 190

The difference is made in the details!




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