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News: Email Notifications, Etc.

February 4, 2014

Couple of things to share today:

  • Email notifications for sales may not be showing the correct amount the card(s) sold for, as a discount may have been applied by the customer. GCU is working to ensure the notifications give accurate information. Also don’t forget, when a customer uses a discount that reduces the price per card, your commission earned will be reduced too.
  • Artists, if you haven’t tried out GCU’s new BigStock option for making cards, please do so. Keep in mind that only clever, unusual, and/or out of the ordinary designs will be considered for inclusion in the main categories. Otherwise, cards will be placed in your Private Gallery and a special Collections > Off the Cuff Greetings category for you to promote yourself. Currently, the feature is in beta. You can make up to 10 cards, so use your imagination and have fun!
  • If you have more than one store and you want to combine the earnings when the next quarterly payment rolls around, you should read Mindy’s Forum announcement giving information on how to do this, and don’t put it off to the last minute.
  • Please be a little more descriptive when you’re leaving a message in the Forum. Starting a thread that is titled “Frustrated!” or “I’m so upset” doesn’t really help you because the people you need to see your message – GCU Admin or Tech Support – might not see it. Using the title to communicate the subject of your concern gives you a better chance at being heard.
  • To find the Artist’s Discount code for purchasing cards yourself, when you’re logged in, go to Manage Store > Administrative Settings. On the right side of the page under Account Messages, you will find the code. Please do not share or post this code anywhere – it is for artist’s only.
  • February is National Weddings Month – now would be an excellent time to promote your wedding cards, especially those in unique categories (Will You Be My Veil Sponsor, etc).

That’s all, folks – have a great day!

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  1. February 4, 2014 11:58 am

    When using the Big stock option, th ecard goes into my private gallery….how do I get it to go into my store?

  2. February 4, 2014 12:03 pm

    It’s not an ecard, it’s an actual greeting card customers can buy.

    The card still has to be approved or declined by a Reviewer, which takes the normal amount of time.


  3. Patty permalink
    February 4, 2014 5:05 pm

    Initially, I was excited about your Big Stock option, but once I tried it out, I was disappointed. Design options and fonts are very limited. Is there a way to design a photo card frame and then include a Big Stock image to that card?

  4. February 4, 2014 7:44 pm

    No, there is no way currently to do that. Whether options will change in the future, we don’t know yet. The feature is still in beta.


  5. February 10, 2014 5:31 am

    Wow … speaking of email notifications for sales, did something change and I missed the admin’s email telling us about it? (I don’t seem to get them very often any more). I clicked on the link in the email about the sale and the page it took me too looks terrible. I like to link that particular page on FB and Twitter and Google+ and whatnot … good advertising for myself AND for GCU … but I’m not loving this: Is this a temporary glitch or … ??? Thanks …

  6. February 10, 2014 8:01 am

    I don’t know if there’s a glitch, but I haven’t heard anything. Your best bet is to post a message on the GCU Forum where it will be seen by Admin.


    • February 10, 2014 4:00 pm

      Thanks, Corrie … I haven’t seen a post from the forums in ages … I guess I need to get more active on GCU again. I’ll go hunt them up and look around, see if it’s just me. I will say the link posted a nice enough image on my FB page, so that was a relief. Thanks again.

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