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Nuts and Bolts: Seller Commissions

October 22, 2014

What Are Seller Commissions & How Can I Earn Them?

There are a few different ways to make money on Greeting Card Universe. One is to make your own designs, upload them, do marketing and promotion, and make direct sales to consumers. The other two involve Seller Commissions, which we’ll explain below.

First, let’s be clear on a very important point: you will ONLY earn seller commissions on NEW customers. Meaning anyone who does not already have an account of any kind with GCU. If an existing GCU customer clicks one of your links and buys cards, you will not earn the additional seller commission.

By the way, since GCU Artists already receive a discount on self-purchased cards, you will not earn additional commissions by clicking your own links.

Now let’s talk about…

The GCU Card Widget

This is a piece of code you can place on your website (although it does not work in Facebook). The purpose of the widget is to drive traffic to GCU and does this by displaying cards. A potential new buyer clicks on the widget and is taken to GCU, where they can then purchase cards. For each card purchased, you will earn a flat 50-cent commission up to $25 per order. There is one other condition—see the very important point above.

You can have 1 widget at a time on a website and if the website doesn’t accept Flash, it won’t work. If you want the widget to display cards other than from your won shop, for which you will receive the exact same commission under the same rules and restrictions, you must sign up to be a Card Seller.

For more information, read the GCU Wiki entry.

Sell This Card Link

When you are logged in to your account, click the $ below each card on GCU to get a pop-up containing HTML code for text, image thumbnail, and full-sized image links that can be used on most websites, Pinterest, Facebook, etc. Most websites, including hosted sites, accept HTML code.

The advantage to using Sell This Card links is that you can pick and choose which cards you want to highlight. This allows you to create links to specific target markets and is a great way to promote your cards.

For more information, see the GCU Wiki entry.

For a great tip, see Promoting Your Cards on Pinterest.

How Does This Work?

When a shopper clicks your widget or one of your Sell This Card links, a cookie (a piece of code) is embedded in their browser. This cookie contains your unique Artist ID. For 30 days, unless the shopper clicks on a different Artist’s link, any card they purchase will earn you Seller Commission under the usual rules and restrictions.

Many of the most successful artists on GCU promote their cards this way. So be creative, do some marketing, and earn Seller Commissions while you’re doing it!

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