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Tips and Tricks: Guest Blogging, Part 4

November 20, 2014

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In the previous parts of our guest blogging series, we talked about making first contact with a blog owner, how to increase your chances of success and other helpful information and tips. Today in the final part of the series, we’re going to discuss the guest post itself.

First, if the blog owner has specific requests or requirements, don’t ignore them. Do your best to accommodate. If there’s a problem, contact the blog owner and politely explain the situation while offering an alternative. Never give more them one choice—in other words, don’t say, “I can do this or this or even this.” Offer one alternative only to prevent overwhelming the blog owner with too many choices.

Writing a blog post is easy. If it helps, work with an outline of some kind. Otherwise, here are some general guidelines:

  • Always be succinct. Get your message across in 300 words or less, unless the blog owner has a definite word count in mind.
  • State your name, shop name, other details of your business in a brief manner.
  • Keep it relevant. If your card collection is about (for example) get well cards for cancer patients, relate how you became inspired to create your designs because of a family member with cancer or some other reason. Any detail you put in your blog post, make sure it relates to the cards you’re highlighting.
  • Keep it personal. Remember, you aren’t doing this as a big corporation. You’re a freelance artist and greeting card designer promoting this special card collection because you’re filling a niche, representing an often ignored group of people, trying to help people make connections with one another, etc.
  • Check your spelling and grammar. Twice.
  • Re-read your post. Remove any unnecessary words or sentences. You want to pare down your prose.
  • If necessary, get an honest second opinion.
  • Include card links to serve as examples. Don’t forget a link to the collection. Every card I make has my name, “Corrie Kuipers” as a keyword. Cards with a similar theme or in a series will also hare a specific relevant keyword. I can then easily do a search on GCU for “Corrie Kuipers keyword” and get the URL of the search page.

Send the post to the blog owner prefaced with a quick note that here’s the blog post you talked about. Thank them for their time. Request they let you know when the post will run so you can share the news on social media.

Keep track on your list of when a guest post runs on what blog. That way, if you have a new card collection that would also fit with this particular blog, you have a toe in the door with the blog owner already and can make contact.

That’s it!

Now armed with the tools you need to market your cards to blogs relevant to your interests, with a little practice you can develop your mad promotion skills and draw more customers to your cards.

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