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Design Spotlight: Seema Hooda

December 11, 2014

Our Design Spotlight falls today on Seema Hooda of Singhroha Art, a new artist who joined GCU in October of this year. Let’s all say “hi!” to this talented artist!


Hello fellow artists! My name is Seema Hooda and I’m a watercolor artist from India. For me, painting is synonymous with self-discovery. I was in teaching profession for the last few years. I quit that to pursue my artistic dreams.

Since childhood I have been very passionate about painting. I have worked almost in all media, but watercolor is my favourite medium. I simply love the free flow effect created by the blending of colors, each time producing a unique pattern. I believe I have an obsessive compulsion to paint something new every time. As a matter of fact, it is good because that’s how creativity is retained.

I enjoy making greeting cards. And I feel that sending and receiving cards is an emotional affair as lots of thoughts go into the process of selecting an appropriate card.

You will find that most of my artwork and paintings are mainly florals. Actually, flowers fascinate me! I just can’t resist painting florals as I’m constantly intrigued by their beauty. Flowers are the most wonderful creation of God.

Please visit my blog to see more of my artwork. Have fun designing!

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  1. December 11, 2014 3:25 pm

    Welcome to GCU, Seema! Your cards are lovely and watercolor holds a special place in my heart. My art mentor and best friend was a wonderful watercolorist who I lost unexpectedly several years ago. Now when I see someone use the medium as beautifully as you do, fond memories come flooding back 🙂

    Best wishes of success with your new store. I’m sure you’ll do very well.


  2. Bruce Bolinger permalink
    December 11, 2014 3:52 pm

    Hi Seema,

    Nice vibrant colors and you’re well on your way to mastering what I consider the toughest medias, watercolor. I enjoyed looking at the artwork and your write-up. Thanks and keep shining!


  3. December 12, 2014 5:19 am

    Beautiful work Seema! Congrats on your Design Spotlight and I wish you much success here on GCU!

  4. December 12, 2014 8:05 am

    Hi Seema and welcome to GCU. Your watercolour work is absolutely wonderful. Wishing you lots of success with your card sales.

  5. December 13, 2014 2:52 am

    Welcome to GCU Seema! I congratulate you on putting occasion specific verse and purpose to your artwork. That is the missing piece for many artists – it transforms their artwork into greeting cards that will sell. Best of luck to you here!

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