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Nuts and Bolts: Stock Card Creations (BigStock) – Improvements

November 18, 2015

Artists have shared that the Stock Card Creations tool (BigStock) can be somewhat temperamental.  GCU has made a few minor adjustments that should make life a little easier when creating cards.


1. Better Cover Image Preview – Cover text alignment is very difficult especially when trying to perfectly center text.  Poor cover text placement / alignment is perhaps one of the top reasons for a BigStock card to be declined.  The text boxes are still jumpy however now with a larger and flat (vs 3D) Image Preview it is easier to see your image and where the cover text will appear.  The 3D preview was not an accurate view and made previewing difficult.


2. Easier Text Color Matching – the color HEX code is now displayed for the color you choose for your cover text.  You can enter this in the text color field for other text fields to replicate the same color.  You can also reference the HEX code displayed for a background color when wanting to match a background color to text color.


Remember cards created using this service are great to quickly fulfill shoppers’ requests!  Read about Stock Card Creation Guidelines


and common reasons for declines to avoid
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